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sanoctua ADVISORY

Natures Treasure.

Using the strength of nature without preying it is the best recipe for a healthy balance.

The sanoctua products contain valuable ingredients from the natures building block. Get to know more about Gelee Royale, Mountain Pollen and Aronia.
Natural Food Supplements
Close to the spirit of the age, we set the goal to produce state of the art, effective and easy to use food supplements.

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Maqui Berry
The Maqui berry from Patagonia is extremely rich in antioxidants and, like the acai and goji berries, is one of the superfruits that is said to have a positive influence on the human organism.

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Gelee Royale - a Royale Juice
There might be no other natural substance which is as interesting as the feed juice of the queen bee, Gelee Royale.

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Mountain Pollen - a Miracle of Nature
Pollen are the almost invisible, male gamete of a flower.

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Essential Fatty Acids
Our body is dependent on essential fatty acids, most of which it can produce itself. Essential fatty acids are those fatty acids which the human organism cannot build up itself and which must therefore be constantly supplied with food.

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Wheat Germ - the Strength of the Corn
Wheat germ is extremely nutritive and healthy. It contains protein, fat and vitamins. Due to the nutrient dense, wheat germs are the most precious part of the wheat corn. The great amount of natural vitamin E as well as proteins and folic acid have to be particularly highlighted.

Before grinding the wheat germ, the wheat seeding is gently separated. With gentle special procedures various wheat germ extracts are produced out of the seedlings. We pay special attention to the high quality of the wheat germ extracts used for Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS.

Aronia - a Berry on a Trip
Aronia, also called red chokeberry, is the fruit of a North American bush. The berry came from Scandinavia and Russia to Europe in the 18th century. Especially in Russia, the berry was subdued very early. After 1945, the berry was grown in the whole Sowjet Union and after 1983 also in the former DDR. Aronia was therefore always available and a set component of the menu in those countries.

In the meantime, gourmets all over Europe appreciate the variety of delicious aronia dishes.

Aronia contains a lot of constitutional ingredients like Vitamine A, C, E, K and the vitamins of the B-Complex as well as minerals and micro nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron.

The most interesting constitutional ingredients might be the polypropylenes like flavoniod and anthocyane.

Rose Hip - Wise Dietary Supplement
Who doesn't know the sun-ripened, bright red fruits of the rose hip bush?

Rose hip can be perfectly used for jelly, juices and liqueurs. People who pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, did always take care of a sufficient supply of rose hip products.

Rose hips are rich of vitamin C. But the red fruit contains even more constitutional ingredients:

  • Fruit Acid
  • essential oils
  • Pectins
  • Tanning agents
  • Silicia
  • antioxidants like lycopine and flavonoids
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2 as well as Vitamin E
  • The minerals Zinc, copper, natrium, phosphor, iron, calcium and magnesium

The rose hip seeds contain a huge amount of healthy long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid), Die Hagebuttenkerne sind zudem voller gesunder mehrfach ungesättigter Fettsäuren (Linolsäure und Alpha-Linolensäure), phospholipids and amino acids.

Blueberries - Fit well into Berry Recipes
A lot of dishes can b prepared from the dark blue berries. From stewed fruit to dried fruit, even for alcoholic drinks, blueberries can be used.

A lot of housewifes and cooks have their own secret blueberry recipes.

Blueberries are one of the most important antioxidant fruits. It contains a large amount of polyphenols like flavonoids and phenol acid. Futhermore blueberries contain minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as tanning agents and dimeric proanthocyanidins, anthocyanosides, caffeoyl acid, fruit acids, pectins and invert sugar. Moreover, it also contains a large amount of vitamin C, A, B, E and beta-carotin.

Rowan - Not only for Birds
Rowan is quite common. You can find it in the whole European area and in the East up to Siberia. A very tasty stewed fruit as well as jellies and other specialties can be made of the mountain ash berries, which are also called mountain ash berry. More and more people like their distinctive taste.

Rowan supplies us with Vitamin C, tanning agents, sorbitol, sorbic acid, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, tartar acid, a small amount parasorbic acid (slightly toxic), bittern, pectin and essential oils.

For Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS a rowan fruit extract of extraordinary high quality is used.

Elder Berry - Valued for a Long Time
In the past, it was common to store enough elder berry juice for the winter. Like rose hip products, various elder berry products have been a set and popular part of the food stock.

Elder berries are precious vitamin C and B2 suppliers and contain essential oils as well as minerals. Besides that, they also contain flavoniods, coffein acids, tanning agents and mucilages.

Oranges - Treated by the Sun
Everyone knows oranges. They are popular because of their pleasant fruity taste and the aromatic smell. Therefore oranges are used in the kitchen and for juices.

The tasty citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamins (e.g. vitamin C), micronutrients and secondary plant substances.

Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS contains 1.400 mg orange extract.

Carotinoide - Part of Vergetables and Fruits
1831 a yellow pigment was found in carrots - it was called carotene. Today we know, that there are a lot of carotinoids, which we usually eat with our daily diet, mostly with unheated vegetables and fruits.

Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS contains mixed carotiniods of natural sources.

Honey and Malt - Very Traditional Food
For a long time, honey and malt is set in the human diet. On the one hand because of the valuable ingredients and on the other hand because of the lovely taste. Even ancient tribes and vikings considered honey and malt as an "enrichment to their daily diet".

While honey is produced from busy bees, malt extract is made out of germinated barley. Together with honey, it gives the individual and pleasant taste to Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS.

Vitamins - The Bricks of Life
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are micro-nutrients that are indispensable for the body, but with a few exceptions cannot be produced by the organism itself.

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Carnitine is substance quite equal to vitamins. The human organism is usually supplied with carnitine with the food intake.

The most important carnitine supplier is red meet like beef, lamp and mutton. The organism is able to produce parts of the needed carnitine itself.