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Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS

Food supplement with B-group vitamins and vitamin C -
for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Consumption recommendation:

1 x daily 1 bottle (10ml) Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS pure or mixed with fruit juice, tea or mineral water, preferably before breakfast.

Important information

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily doses of one bottle.
  • Food supplements must be taken as part of maintaining and healthy lifestyle
    and not as a substitute for a balanced diet.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Notes for diabetics:

The contents of a Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS drinking bottle average 0.37 BE and 124 kj or 29 kcal.
Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS is also suitable for diabetics if the boron units are observed.


One bottle contains the approx. amount of the following worth giving substances:
Ingredient per bottle
Extract of alpine floral mountain pollen 4000 mg
Honey 2500 mg
Orange juice concentrate 1500 mg
Wheat germ extract 1000 mg
Gelee Royale 1000 mg
Barley malt concentrate 500 mg
Aronia berry juice concentrate 200 mg
Rowan fruit juice concentrate 200 mg
Blueberry juice concentrate 100 mg
Rose hip fruit juice concentrate 100 mg
Elderberry fruit juice concentrate 100 mg
Herbal carotenes 3 mg
Vitamin B1 3,9 mg
Vitamin B2 4,5 mg
Vitamin B6 4,8 mg
Vitamin B12 9 mcg
Niacin NE 51 mg
Pantothen acid 18 mg
Folic acid 400 mcg
Biotin 180 mcg
Vitamin C 225 mg
L-Carnitin 200 mg


Water, extract of alpine floral mountain pollen, honey, orange juice concentrate, wheat germ extract, Gelee Royale, barley malt concentrate, acidifier citric acid, aronia berry juice concentrate, rowan fruit juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, rose hip fruit juice concentrate, elderberry fruit juice concentrate, herbal carotenes, preservative potassium sorbate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin NE, pantothen acid, folic acid, biotin, vitamin C, L-Carnitin.


nutrientsper bottle% NRV*
Vitamin B13,9 mg355 %
Vitamin B24,5 mg321 %
Vitamin B64,8 mg343 %
Vitamin B129 μg360 %
Vitamin C225 mg281 %
Niacin51 mg319 %
Pantothen acid18 mg300 %
Biotin180 μg360 %
Folic acid400 μg200 %
1 bottle = 1 daily dose | The folding box contains 15 or 30 daily doeses, depending on the package size.
* NRV (Nutritonal Reference Values) = reference quantity for the daily intake of vitamins and minerals in accordance with the Foodstuffs Ordinance.


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