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Exotic superfruit from the Patagonian primeval forests

The Maqui berry - a superfruit from Patagonia.

The Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis), also called Chilean grape or Queldón, thrives excellently in the climatically extreme highlands of the Andes, in the border region of Chile and Argentina - more precisely in Patagonia.

Already with the natives of Patagonia the purple Maqui berry , which grows on a two to four meter high tree and resembles optically our European blueberry, is considered for centuries as welfare plant. The Mapuche Indians drank the juice obtained from the purple berries because of its strengthening effect.

The Maqui berry is said to strengthen the resistance of the body, promote energy and reduce weight. The purple berry also has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and the skin and mucous membranes.

Antioxidants are said to combat free radicals, which are caused by environmental pollution and damage our cells, and may even repair damage that has already been done.

Like the pomegranate, the acai berry and the goji berry, the maqui berry is also one of the superfruits. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and is therefore used by body-conscious people as a food supplement . Their ORAC value, which determines the antioxidative ability, exceeds the values of the superfruits known so far by a multiple.

Maqui Berry - The facts at a glance:

  • Fruit with the highest level of antioxidants in the world.
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Promotes endurance and strength
  • Rich in vitamin C as well as iron, potassium and calcium
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Supports skin and mucous membranes
  • The Maqui berry is still relatively unknown in Europe despite its abundance of minerals, polyphenols, such as anthocyanins and dolphins as well as the important vitamins A, C and D.

    The berries are also difficult to store, which makes transport to Europe more difficult. By further processing the Maqui Beere their extract can, however, be processed very well in food supplements and can thus also enrich the European diet.