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Help with dry and irritated eyes.

The dry eye syndrome

The "Dry Eye Syndrome" is a worldwide known and widespread problem. As the symptoms can severely restrict the affected persons, the following are important dry eyes is one of the most common reasons an ophthalmologist is consulted.

But how does it come to dry eyes, in ophthalmology also available as sicca-syndrom well-known?

In addition to systematic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or certain skin diseases, the intake of some medications can also be a major cause of the disease. (e.g. beta-blockers, birth control pills) as well as hormone changes in menopausal women dry eyes aas a result. Increasingly, however, climatic influences caused by air conditioning systems or environmental influences, such as air pollution and the excessive use of digital devices in the form of smartphones, tablets or computers, are responsible for the emergence of "Dry Eye Syndrome".
Due to the increasing frequency of use of mobile devices, young people today are affected by Sicca syndrome as well as people at computer workstations, frequent travellers, contact lens wearers, seniors and people after eye surgery. A relief of the symptoms of dry eyes like e.g.

  • red or itchy eyes,

  • light sensitivity,

  • blurred vision or

  • the feeling of having a foreign body in one's eye

  • as a rule, create a tear substitute in the form of eye drops, which supply the eye with the non-existent liquid externally. Besides the complaints can be eased by regular airing, renouncement of cigarette smoke or blower in the car, one vitamin-rich food, sufficiently sleep and consciously frequent blinking when reading or working at the computer.