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Support Your Body.


Close to the spirit of the age, we've set the goal to produce state of the art, effective, and easy to use food supplements.

We believe that nutrition plays a crucial role when it comes to maintaining health. Food supplements can help to optimize the supply with valuable plant nutrients. With our products, we want to contribute to ensuring the basic supply of all vital substances our organism needs to stay healthy.

"Mens sana in corpore sano - In a healthy body lives a healthy mind." This maxim of the ancient Romans is nowadays more true then ever before. Only if the mind and the body form a unit, we are balanced enough to get the strength to meet the increasing tasks of our live. But we can only achieve this kind of inner satisfaction with the support of a healthy body.

Besides exercising and a balanced lifestyle, a fully-fledged nutrition is important. The wrong or an insufficient nutrition during times of increasing demands can lead to an under-supply of nutritive and vital substances. Therefore, support your organism with a well-balanced and high-quality nutrition.

To be able to supply the body with the required nutritive substances at the right time, food supplements can be a good choice. While developing our products, we always pay heed to quality and diversity in order to supply the body with a highly loaded product. Thus, the organism can take out exactly the nutritive substances it actually needs at any given moment.

These days, we are able to buy almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables all year long, and are therefore able to eat healthy and high-quality food. Nevertheless, we are often dissatisfied with our eating habits. Especially during stressful periods we tend to take less care on our diet – even though it's exceptionally important to keep our body powerful.


Discover basis7 vital® - your way to a better well-beeing and more efficiency

Completly natural vital complexes, based on Gelee Royale and mountain pollen, for daily nutritional supplementation.