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about our products basis7 vital®, purpursan® and plantarom®

WOW, so the products of sanoctua change the life of our customers.

Read the reports of our convinced users and find out how our products have positively influenced the lives of our customers. No matter if it's about climbing the highest mountain in Russia or about your personal health. The products from sanoctua are there to add value to your life.

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Julia S. from Niederstotzingen, Germany

Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS - My healthy companion on the way to a new me.”

Pietro Antonicelli, Sindelfingen (Germany)

-Personal Trainer from Körperkonzept-

Since I take Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS as a food supplement, colds don't have a chance anymore. I feel full of energy."

Adele H., Regensburg (Germany)

"After recovering from a major illness, I'm just fighting my way back to normal life. I still feel tired and wash-out quite often; my body is just not the old one yet. For a bit more than one month I'm taking Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS now and I feel better day by day. This vitamin shot is just the perfect addition to my healthy and well-balanced diet and therefore my companion on the way to become fit again."

Edeltraud S., Regensburg (Germany)

"Previously I ran out of breath fast when playing with my grandchildren. After drinking a bottle of Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS every morning, I feel much more fit and can enjoy the active time with the girls again."

Iris G., Leipheim (Germany)

"I'm a dog trainer and the owner of the dog school Hundezentrum Günzburg. In my job I have to be outside a lot either with my own dogs or with customers, no matter how the weather is. Specially during autumn and winter I have to be careful not to get a cold or flu. Just like I found true friends for a lifetime in my dogs, I experienced Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS as a perfect partner for a good immune system."

Reena Chaudhary

From the Indian sun to the cold and rainy Germany.

Verena Ehnle

Ultimate experience at the Elbrus, the highest mountain of Russia.