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Verena Ehnle - Summit Runner of sanoctua - 2018 on top of the Elbrus
The whole story started in 2012, when Verena was able to see the top of the Kilimandscharo out of the window while flying back from her vacation in Africa. From that moment, she had the dream of climbing to the summit of this beautiful mountain one day. One year later, the dream already became reality. Together with a friend and a team of mountain guides, Verena managed to reach the summit after exhausting 6 days.

The experience of going far beyond her comfort zone, reaching something she'd have never thought beeing possible, was overwhelming and immediately the desire for the next adventure raised up. In 2015 the two women wanted to go to the top of Mount Everest. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad that the active young ladies weren't able to go all the way to the roof of the world. But this experience didn't discourage Verena. Her passion for mountaineering was born and therefore she travelled to the base camp of Mount Everest in October 2017.

It came as it had to and her vacation this year has of course something to do with mountains. Verena, our summit runner decided to tackle another of the 7 summits. Russia, more precise the Caucasus mountains with the 5.642m high Elbrus was the chosen goal.

Her training began in spring 2018 with biking and hiking in the area of the Groß-Glockner and a weekly routine of swimming and running. In addition to her fitness training she paid extra attention to a healthy and balanced diet, supported with Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS.

In August Verena and her friend from the Kilimanscharo trip finally took off for their Russia adventure. When they arrived at the base camp of Elbrus, they met their rope team - 18 expierienced mountaineers. After getting through two acclimation tours and a safety training for using the ice pick and the crampons, they could already feel how close the summit got to them.
After quite an anxious night, Verena got up in the dark and had the usual rich breakfast with a cup of black tea in the camp kitchen before getting ready for this most important day by checking her equipment one last time. 10kg had to be caried to the summit of the highest mountain of the European continent by this powerful lady today.
Just a few more minutes to breakup. Is Verena going to reach the summit? Is all the effort and the weeks of training paying back on her today? Only 6 hours to the summit and her dream will become true - beeing able to view the world from the top and enjoying the quiteness and width.
It was a hard way to the summit with 20°C below zero. At 10 am it was finally done and Verena reached the top of the Elbrus (5.642m).

Congratulations Verena!

We are curious, what adventure you are planning next.

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