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Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS


Julia Schmidt talks about how to lose weight the healthy way.
Would you have recognized me? This is just how I have looked end of 2017, shortly before I decided to change my life. Each change starts in your brain – same here. And everyone who knows me, knows exactly that I pursue a once set goal consequently and strictly. Sharpe tongues might even say, that I am bullheaded.
But when I look back on to the last 2 years, I can only say, I did everything right. No matter how you call it – determined, persistent, consequent or bullheaded. I have reached my goal and I’m very proud on what I achieved, even though my life was turned upside down. A lot has settled in a positive way although it started with a shock. Starting to say “no” from time to time and not always being the comfortable “yes-person” made in difficult for some people to deal with me and my new way of living and thinking.

But let’s start from the beginning …

Since I can remember, I had to struggle with my weight. Even as a child I was somehow chubby, and it got worse over the years. For quite a long time, I was able to blandish myself. But finally, I had to accept the fact, that I’m not just chubby any more – in short, I was fat. Something had to happen. I didn’t want to be faced with diabetes or hypertension in my mid 30s and trouble with every move I must make.
On the very same day, I registered to a program which already achieved very good results with changing peoples’ eating habits sustainably. Since that day, I finically document everything I eat and drink in a food diary. To be able to stick to my daily budget, I had to rethink my eating habits automatically and find healthy and satiable replacements for high calorie dishes.

For example, did you know, that you hardly taste a difference between a Sauce Bolognese with made with steak tartare instead of the usual fatty burger meat? This little twist already saves you quite a lot of calories. If you additionally add more vegetables to the sauce and reduce the amount of pasta, you easily created a tasty, healthy and satiable meal for the whole family.

After 2 years I still have fun transforming conventional recipes in a way to make them fit into my diet and are liked by family and friends. To me, a healthy diet has nothing to do with resigning, because I always whip yummy meals to avoid the „diet-thought“. Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS has proven itself a a perfect companion to my holistic nutrition approach. I don’t just want to be thin, I want to feel overall good.
Of course, I did not lose all the weight because of Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS, but I’m pretty much sure, that this vitamin shot is a perfect addition to my healthy way of living and supplies my body with precious vitamins and minerals based on secondary planting material and Gelee Royale.



  • TIP NO. 1

    Instead of thinking, that you are resigning, start to look for alternatives to your favorite high calorie dishes. Personally, I love ice cream. My alternative is crushed frozen fruits mixed with low fat plain yogurt, trust me, it becomes a delicious soft ice cream. And from time to time, I also have some real ice cream. But then, I only have single scoop instead of a whole bowl topped with whipped cream – and I really celebrate and enjoy it at my favorite ice cream parlor.
  • TIP NO. 2

    Start with a complete detoxification of sugar. I did not eat any sugar, sweets e.g. for months. At the beginning of your new diet you will be highly motivated, which makes it easy to resist to candy. Use this time to wean your body from sugar.
  • TIP NO. 3

    Stay forceful and don’t tolerate any spontaneous exception. Even though people are sometimes annoyed by my strictness when it comes to my diet, I don’t tolerate exceptions. I can easily stand a coffee table without having any cake – if this gnaws at one’s conscience, it’s not of my business. And if I dare for a piece of cake, I budget it before. By the way, most host appreciate if you bring a cake, dessert or a salad to the party. This way you can prepare something that fits into your diet unseen.
  • TIP NO. 4

    Likewise I handle eating outs. I don’t want to castigate myself and quit meeting friends in a restaurant. If I would have done it, I feel, I wouldn’t have been successful. Thus, I still visit my favorite Italian or regular Greek restaurant, but I plan a visit in prior and usually check the menu before to select a dish that fits into my plans. It doesn’t have to be a salad all the time. I prefer a grilled fish or meat with vegetables and avoid carbohydrate side dishes like pasta, potatoes or rice.
  • TIP NO. 5

    From time to time you might think you’ll never make it, because your final goal is far away. In this case, it helps to define in between goals. If you reach one, you feel good and proud – this way it’s easier to stick to your plans. I always rewarded myself when I reached a goal, not with food, but for example with something new to wear, a wellness appointment or a trip.

Of course, the journey was difficult sometimes. There were good weeks as well as stretches with days where I have been heavily doubtful. But when I struggled, a glance back on what I have already achieved motivated me every time and I always grew stronger when getting back on track. Today I really enjoy my new life, full of energy and a need for movement, shopping stylish clothes in regular boutiques as well as all the compliments.
Neither a cake nor a piece of chocolate can make up to me, easily climbing a mountain with my husband and my dog.

Funny, how an idea, brought into live, changed my life in the long-term and made myself burn for a healthy diet and sports in the end…

If I inspired you today, to re-think your way of living and your nutrition, then start immediately. Don’t reflect any more, just look for a program, that suits you. No matter if it’s low carb, WW, only eating half portions or counting calories – there countless ways of reducing weight – if you find the one, that fits to you, you will be successful.
If you believe in mentoring programs, I can warmly recommend Pietro, the personal trainer from Körperkonzept. He combines a healthy diet with sports sessions and individual supervisions – just one possible way for people who need individual support on their way.

Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS is recommended for everyone who needs just more, e.g. senior citizens, pregnant or breast feeding women, performing athlets, smokers, people with an elevated alcohol consumption and people, recovering from a desease. A supplementation with Basis 7 gräsler® PLUS can also be useful for people, following a strict reduction diet or if someone is facing an extraordinarily stressful situation.

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