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Micro nutrients for health and well-being.

Plantarom® Capsules - a useful dietary supplement.

Food supplement with 12 vitamins, zinc and selenium, borage-, perilla- and grape seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids as well as grape skin extract and algae carotenes.

Life is a constant process of construction, dismantling and rebuilding. This natural metabolic equilibrium can be disturbed by incorrect nutrition, negative environmental influences, lack of exercise, but also by other stresses in daily life. If then still important micronutrients are missing, often the vitality and the well-being suffers. Therefore food supplement can be positive in certain situations. food supplement does not mean, however, that the normal diet should be replaced. Also the widespread assumption "much helps much" is wrong in most cases.

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Plantarom® capsules - simply more inside

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Decide now on a sensible dietary supplement with Plantarom®.

The capsules contain important micronutrients such as vitamins, the trace elements zinc and selenium as well as essential fatty acids and algal carotenes.


Plantarom® capsules - we recommend:

  • all who are exposed to extreme requirements (working persons, competitive athletes),
  • women who are particularly challenged by multiple stresses (housewife, mother, job),
  • women in times of hormonal change (puberty, menopause, pregnancy and lactation),
  • women suffering from nutritional premenstrual disorders,
  • people who want to do something for their skin, hair, nails,
  • seniors,
  • all who do not eat a balanced diet or who are on a strict reduction diet.


This can Plantarom® do for you:



The vitamins B2, B6, C, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid contribute to the reduction of fatigue. Pantothenic acid can also make an important contribution to normal mental performance. Zinc supports normal cognitive functions in the brain.


Alpha-linolenic acid contributes to the maintenance of a normal cholesterol level, if at least 2 grams per day are supplied to the body. Plantarom® capsules cover about 1/5 of this requirement. 1.6 grams would have to be supplied through food, e.g. in the form of vegetable oils.

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Plantarom® Capsules.

Sensibly supplement the food.

Food supplement with 12 vitamins, zinc, selenium, borage, perilla and grape seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids as well as grape skin extract and algae carotenes.

Available in pharmacies.

Plantarom® Information sheet: Download here now.

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